Brussels Sprout - The under-regarded vegetable

The vegetable we all love … or at least almost all of us.
Brussel Sprouts
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Today’s ingredient in focus is … Brussels Sprouts! Well, one of the most hated vegetables according to almost any survey in the Western world. We love it anyways. It’s in season right now, so why not cook with it? 

To all those who are not sure what I’m talking about, Brussels Sprouts are related to cabbage, and actually look just live a miniature version of it. It’s typically a winter vegetable and can be grown throughout temperate to cool climates (no, this does not include arctic weather, sorry Greenland).

A bit of history about Brussels Sprout. They were first cultivated in Ancient Rome, Brussels did not really exist at that time. The name does however stem from the Belgium and European capital, since Brussels Sprout was first cultivated in large quantities in Belgium around the 11th century.

As usual in this blog, I will not limit your creativity by giving some recipes, but I would love to see your amazing dishes on Frescana, our app to cook in season everyday!


P.S. Even if you are not its biggest fan, your body will secretly cheer you up. Brussels Sprouts are extreme healthy, and contain a lot of minerals (zinc, sodium, potassium - good for ya brain), as well as more vitamin K then almost any other vegetable. Last but not least, it contains a lot of poly-unsaturated fatty acids (in simple words: good fat that is). So enjoy ;)



Published on

27 January 2015

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