Why We Love Stone Plates

Slate, Volcanic, Charcoal...Stone plates just got more interesting!
Volcanic stone plate
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Stones, Rocks. Those common minerals are not only an essential component of geology, but a fundamental element in human civilisation. This has perhaps contributed to its rudimentary or functional image. We think however, that stone should enter our dining rooms and that we should appreciate their natural beauty. This month, we have been sharing ideas on how to decorate your dinning table. So, here are three kinds of stone plates you should try!


Slate plates

Slate plateSlate plateSlate plate


Volcanic stone plates

Volcanic stone plateVolcanic stone plateVolcanic stone plate


Charcoal plates

Charcoal plateCharcoal plateCharcoal plate

Which one is your favourite? If you do present your meal with stone plates, make sure to share them on our app for Food Lovers: Frescana!



Published on

28 July 2015

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