Impress your Guests with Futuristic Cutlery

Back to the Future ... at the dinner table.
Futuristic Cutlery
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Make it your own style

"Illustrations from medieval manuscripts show rich tables set with ewers and bowls, a knife or two, and occasionally a fork. The number of knives on the table does not match the number of diners present, so, according to the custom of the time, the diner would carry and use his own knife and spoon, or perhaps share a knife provided on the table."

Futuristic CutleryFuturistic Cutlery


"The personal carrying of knives is well illustrated by Bosch and later by Breughel, both of whom show knives worn in the belt ready for eating or, if need be, self-defense. Spoons were usually tucked into hats and clothing and were perhaps easily lost."


Futuristic CutleryFuturistic Cutlery


"Contemporary with this change of style and the practice of laying the table with matching knife, fork, and spoon was the introduction of the separate dining room with dining table and chairs and other furniture. Some of the wealthier middle-class merchants began to supply their guests at the table with cutlery from fishskincovered boxes on the dining room sideboard that contained knives, forks, and spoons in quantity, thus making the carrying of cutlery by guests unnecessary."


Futuristic CutleryFuturistic CutleryFuturistic Cutlery





Published on

5 October 2015

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