9 beautiful chopsticks rests and chopstick golden rules

Chopstick rests or holders for all tastes!
Funny Watermelon Chopstick Rest or Holder
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Before sharing our favourite chopstick rests pictures, here are some "chopstick manners" or "golden rules" you should keep in mind when using the Eastern Asian eating utensils:

  1. First things first: hold the chopsticks properly (like this). It's better to practice home, than drop your meal in the soya sauce bowl and splash neighbours.
  2. When food is being served in the middle of the table, it is for everyone to share and enjoy it. Just make sure not to eat the food directly from the shared dishes. Pick something with your chopsticks and put it on your plate first.
  3. Don't lick your chopsticks. Ew.
  4. Don't pass around food with your chopsticks. If you want to share something that is not on the common dishes anymore, make sure to ask them to pass their plate first.
  5. Don't point at people with your chopsticks.
  6. Don't rub your chopsticks. That's for the disposable ones only.
  7. Don't cross chopsticks.
  8. Don't swirl your chopsticks in soup. It looks like you're cleaning them in your food.
  9. Finally, don't hold your chopsticks for an unnecessarily long time and never leave your chopsticks poking inside your food - instead, use your beautiful chopstick rest.


And now, 9 beautiful chopstick rests!


The funny chopstick rests

Funny Watermelon Chopstick Rest or HolderFunny Skateboard Chopstick Rest or Holder

The traditional-themed chopstick rest

Beautiful Bird Chopstick Rest or HolderBeautiful Fish Chopstick Rest or HolderBeautiful Leaf Chopstick Rest or Holder


The modern chopstick holder

Beautiful Gold Chopstick Rest or Holder

The fancy chopstick holder

Elegant Whale Chopstick Rest or HolderLuxurious Chopstick Rest or HolderBeautiful Chopstick Rest or Holder


Which one is your favourite? Do you want to decorate your table with those beautiful chopstick rests? If you do, please share your pictures on our app for food lovers: Frescana!



Published on

27 July 2015

The Frescana App