Beetroot with Guineafowl

Beetroot with Guineafowl
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Beetroot with Guineafowl shared on our app for Food Lovers: Frescana!

Here's a list (Ralph Winter) of reasons why Guineafowls are awesome:

  • will act as the farm yard watch dog, sounding the alarm whenever anything unusual occurs.
  • will consume large amounts of insects (control over deer ticks, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box-elder bugs, flies, crickets, fire ants and more)
  • will seldom bother your garden or flowers.
  • are easy and inexpensive to raise.
  • fend for themselves, living on insects, seeds, and grasses.
  • their call will discourage rodents.
  • will kill snakes.
  • will alert you to anything unusual.

" - will kill snakes."



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Published on

11 August 2015

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