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Frescana is more than a beautiful collection of your cooking creations. We help you take healthy decisions that also support local farmers.

Why we love to cook in season:

  • Ingredients in season are tastier,
  • they are richer in nutrients,
  • they contain less pesticides,
  • buying ingredients in season is cheaper,
  • sourcing seasonally is more eco-friendly.

Of course, we love talking about cooking in season, about the places and people that inspire us, and about the best food pairings on the the frescana blog.


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1st August 2015

"PITCH: Frescana is the app for Food Lovers who want to collect their valuable memories at the kitchen table, with friends or at the restaurant. The app challenges users to cook everyday with an ingredient in season and take a picture of their meal. [...]

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29 June 2015

"Beautiful pictures: Frescana aims to be the App for daily and seasonal cooking. Following their motto 'Real cooks don't follow recipes, they follow their ingredients', the founders Laure Joumier and Lukas Klement have started the photo library app" [...]

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10 June 2015

"You are foodie? Ready for challenge to cook with one ingredient in season? If your words yes than your should try newest iOS app Frescana. It is the app to cook in season everyday - collect pictures of your favorite meals in your personal food library" [...]

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The Frescana App (free on iOS) for foodies to cook in season

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